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Facts About the Cyprus Issue

In order to understand the Cyprus Issue, one needs to know the recent history of the island. The summary of the timeline is as follows:

1571-1878 Ottoman Empire Ruling on the Island.
The ancestors of the Turkish Cypriots are Turks who came from Anatolia during the Ottoman ruling of Cyprus until 1878. All Turkish Cypriots can be traced back to Turkey, where their ancestors lived.

1878-1960 British Era
In accordance with a defence alliance between the Ottoman Empire and Great Britain, the administration of the island passed over to Britain in 1878. At first, it looked like the island was 'rented' but then in 1914 when Ottoman Empire went into World War I on the side of Germany, Britain declared annexation of Cyprus to Great Britain. This was officially accepted in 1923 in the treaty of Lausanne by Turkey.
This was an era when Greek Cypriots constantly rebelled against the British to declare independence of the island.
In 1955, the greeks formed a terrorist organisation called EOKA that aimed at uniting the island with Greece and they started their heavy attacks aimed at the British.
1960 was the time when the Republic of Cyprus was formed with the guaranteeing states of Turkey, Greece and England. The guarantee given by these states was to maintain the constitutional order on the island and lawfully intercept any external intervention on the island.

1960-1963 Peaceful days of Cyprus Republic
The first few years of the republic were calm. Both partners of the republic worked in harmony to flourish the newly formed state. Greek representation was 70% and the Turkish representation was 30% in the administration.

1963-1974 Inter-Communal Strife in Cyprus
The Turkish citizens of Cyprus Republic were the last obstacle standing in the way of unification of the island with Greece. Hence, the attacks on the Turkish Cypriots by the Greek Cypriots... The fresh partnership with the Greek and Turkish Cypriots on the island collapsed... Turkish officers and members of the parliament were thrown out of the administration.

15 July 1974 Coup d'etat by Greek Military Officers in Cyprus
This is the 'little' detail that some politicians or fanatic Greek Cypriots will 'miss' when they tell the story about Cyprus.
YES... The Greeks have overthrown the Government of Cyprus (which was all Greeks) in order to unite the island with Greece.
YES... The Greek junta intervention on the island tried to kill Makarios (President of Cyprus Republic, a Greek Cypriot) who fled from the island with the help of British forces.
YES... The Greek junta killed many civilians (Greek and Turkish) who opposed this intervention.

20 July 1974 Turkish Military Intervention (Peace Operation) in Cyprus
In order to save thousands of Turkish and Greek Cypriots on the island and restore order, Turkey has ordered its forces to land in Cyprus, only after the Greek Military operation. Turkish operation was relatively short and the island was divided in to two sections. Southern part of the island is now occupied by Greek Cypriots and Northern part by the Turkish Cypriots. For the first time since Ottoman Era in Cyprus, there has been continuous peace on the island for the last thirty years.

15 November 1983 - ... Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
After repated inter-communal attempts to re-unite the island, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was declared and the republic is now 22 years old... The Turkish Cypriots are living peacefully in the Northern part of the island. The latest attempt by Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan in 2004 was accepted by 65% of the Turkish Cypriots and REJECTED by 76% of the Greek Cypriots. The plan gives official recognition to the title deeds issued by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to properties in North Cyprus.

The property issue in North Cyprus is a political one. One cannot expect resolving issues with the help of courts. The refugees that came from South Cyprus to North and the refugees that went from North Cyprus to South have all deserted their properties in their original locations. The Turkish properties in the south of the island are now occupied by the Greek refugees and the Greek properties in the north are taken over by the Turkish refugees. The Greek Cypriot administration has built many houses and other buildings on Turkish properties in the south of the island. The Greek Cypriot propaganda about properties in the North is a new effort by the Greek Cypriots to isolate the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is not getting any international recognition by any states other than themselves. Their vain efforts to have the island completely to themselves have failed.

Please note that ALL of our developments are being built on internationally recognised properties and ALL our developments have the necessary permits, title deeds (free of legal obligations) and our building standards are international. In short, we do everything by the book.



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